The Colorado Sun on Lori Saine’s Conservative Platform

The following is excerpted from the Colorado Sun’s article covering the Republican candidates for the 8th Congressional District and their positions on the issues, to include Lori Saine’s conservative platform and her responses for each issue:

Q: When should abortions be allowed and under what circumstances?

As a state lawmaker, Saine sponsored legislation that would have made all abortions illegal, including in cases of rape and incest, and would have made doctors who perform abortions subject to criminal penalties, including life in prison or the death penalty. “We believe this is a murdering of a human being,” she said, according to a 2019 Colorado Sun article. 

“I am pro-life and my record speaks for itself,” Saine said in a written response to The Sun. She described the recently passed House Bill 1279, which affirms abortion access in Colorado, as allowing for “the butchering of children up until the day of birth.” Saine has also tried to make Weld County a “pro-life sanctuary” as a symbolic stance against abortion. If elected to Congress, she has said she will sponsor legislation — already introduced by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and West Virginia U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney, both Republicans — to ban abortions starting at conception, essentially extending personhood to fertilized eggs.

Q: Would you support any additional federal restrictions on guns, including expanding background checks or enacting safe-storage requirements?

“Would-be mass murderers want easy targets and will find a way to get weapons regardless of the laws that they ignore. Folks should investigate for themselves why… mass shootings haven’t happened at thousands of schools with armed teachers. I see that many of those same schools’ post signs warning that staff is armed and trained,” Saine said in written responses. “I was once approached by a superintendent in my district who asked me a question: ‘The sheriff is over 30 minutes away, Rep. Saine — am I supposed to hide with the kids in a dark corner and hope the shooter doesn’t find us?’  Shortly thereafter, that same school board chose to arm certain teachers and staff.”

Saine sued to overturn a Colorado [Red Flag] law that allows judges to temporarily order the confiscation of guns from those deemed at risk to themselves or others. She voted no on a 2013 bill requiring background checks for all gun sales, as did every other Republican in the state General Assembly. She also led the charge to repeal a Colorado ban on high-capacity magazines, and recently advocated on Twitter — after a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas — to “let teachers carry.” 

Q: Do you support a path to legal citizenship for immigrants living in the U.S. illegally?

“Children brought across the border should be offered an opportunity to become a citizen like all other immigrants in a naturalization process that is fair, understandable and that works,” Saine said in a written response. She also said that the immigration system is bureaucratic and encourages malfeasance.

“I have worked personally with a business owner who was struggling with our citizenship process. … He was asked to provide monetary compensation by an outside agent to move things along when his paperwork got stuck. That is unacceptable and, as your congresswoman, I will work to fix this so we have a legal immigration system that works for those who want to become Americans,” Saine said in a written response.

Q: How would you represent a district as diverse — economically, demographically, etc — as the 8th District?

“I approach every voter the same when I talk to them about freedom because they all have the same concerns about the loss of freedom in our country and the loss of opportunity for their children. And I am finding all mothers are concerned about the rising cost of gas, food, and rising crime plaguing their neighborhoods, all exacerbated by Joe Biden’s failed extreme economic agenda.”

Q: Who won the 2020 election?

“A lot of voters in this district have reached out to me about election questions and concerns about election integrity. I think both parties could meet these concerns head on by passing a photo voter ID law. It makes sense to folks that you would need some kind of photo ID to vote and this would allay many concerns for our constituents now and in the future.”

Q: What will be your top priority as a member of Congress?

“My No. 1 priority will be to stop President Biden’s Marxist-socialist agenda and use the power of the purse to force the executive branch to bring back policies to secure our border, strengthen our military and increase domestic energy production… Biden-era inflation must be halted and reversed before our economy, family budgets and businesses are destroyed.”

Q: Do you believe climate change is human caused and, if so, what should be done about it?

Weld County not only has the largest production of oil and gas in Colorado, it also has the largest renewable energy production portfolio in the state, including wind, solar and biogas.  Government should not pick winners and losers in the energy market and Weld (County) now encourages an all-the-above energy production that our consumers and businesses have asked for. The petroleum industry and farmers and ranchers in Weld are teaming up to produce solar at record rates. Farmers particularly like the stability of the extra income that solar provides.”