Tancredo Leads All-Star Round of First Saine for Congress Endorsements

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Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is leading an all-star cast of conservative leaders endorsing Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine in the Republican Primary for Colorado’s new Eighth Congressional District.

“Progressives have had their way for decades no matter which party was in charge. Now the left sees that America is waking up to Socialism. But too often Republicans are afraid to reverse what the Democrats did. Not Lori Saine,” Congressman Tancredo noted. “Lori Saine’s got the record.”

Tancredo, who led the fight in Congress stopping former president George W. Bush’s plans to give amnesty and eventually citizenship for millions of illegals, said that “people can promise they’re strong conservatives, but Lori Saine gets things done and moves the ball for freedom.”

Also backing Saine are State Representatives Mark Baisley, Kim Ransom, Shane Sandridge, Richard Holtorf, Patrick Neville and Matt Soper, Platteville Councilman Troy Blum, Dacono Mayor Pro-Tem Kathryn Wittman and Dacono Councilmember Jackie Thomas.

In addition, Saine is endorsed by former State Senators Dave Schulteis and Kevin Lundberg as well as author and Second Amendment Activist John Lott Jr., author of “More Guns, Less Crime.”

“Conservatives are demanding a fighter in Congress who will work overtime to block, obstruct, delay, defeat, reverse and overturn the Socialist Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi agenda that my Democratic opponent Yadira Caraveo endorses,” Saine, who served eight years in the Colorado legislature, noted.

“I’ve earned these endorsements because these folks have seen me get results for conservatives and know how important it is for a strong fighter like me to represent Adams, Weld and Larimer Counties in Congress.”