Saine to Caraveo, Tedesco: Jobs Numbers Prove Your Socialist Ideology is a Failure


Republican Congressional Candidate Lori Saine today called out her Democrat opponents, State Representative Yadira Caraveo and Adams County Commissioner Chas Tedesco as “champions of a failed Socialist ideology that’s destroyed the powerful Trump Economy.”

“Today’s jobs numbers – showing the economy actually LOST 200,000 jobs last month – is concrete proof that the Socialist-Communist ideology pushed by the far-left Biden Administration, and endorsed by Caraveo and Tedesco, has failed.”

“President Trump not only cut taxes, secured the border, rebuilt our military and restored balance to our federal courts, his administration led the fastest and biggest deregulatory effort ever – and that gave America the greatest economy in our nation’s history,” Saine, a Weld County Commissioner who served eight years in the Colorado Legislature, said.

“Now in just a year, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have undone all of that.  Their massive new regulations, including cracking down on the energy industry, has brought rampant inflation and a massive supply chain shortage,” Saine noted.  “Foreign dictators laugh at our president and scoff at our military.  Illegal alien invaders cross our border and stretch the budget of every police department.”

“And now we’re losing our jobs,” Saine added.

Saine said the solution is to stop Biden immediately. “The first order of business by this new Congress is to immediately impeach Joe Biden for his actions on the border, on the economy, against our military and against the American People.”

Saine, who was viewed as one of the most conservative, pro-taxpayer and pro-business members of the Colorado legislature, also earned a reputation as a “get it done” legislator who moved the ball for conservatives, even with a hostile Governor and legislature.  She is currently a plaintiff in litigation moving through the courts to strike down Colorado’s “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws.

Saine, Caraveo and Tedesco are running in the newly drawn and very competitive Eighth Congressional District Colorado earned in the latest round of redistricting.  The seat contains parts of Adams, Larimer and Weld Counties East and Northeast of Denver.