Lori Saine Testimony Against HB1279 Abortion Bill

Like you, I’m disgusted by the pro-murder (abortion) bill the Democrats are ramming through the Colorado Legislature.

Last week I had the opportunity to testify at the Capitol against this horrific piece of legislation (please see my testimony below).

During my time in the Legislature, I was lead sponsor of the Life at Conception Act, fought and voted against the pro-death abortion lobby every opportunity that I could.

As your Congresswoman, I pledge to cosponsor the federal Life at Conception Act introduced this Congress by Senator Rand Paul in the Senate and Congressman Alex Mooney in the House.

Right now, I ask that we all continue praying for a decisive, pro-life outcome at the Supreme Court in the coming months . . .

It’s long past time to END ABORTION in America!

Lori Saine Testimony

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

“My name is Lori Saine, I would like to offer words of urgency and compassion to my colleagues in this state that allows abortion up to the day of birth.

I have heard testimony today from mothers saying they are burdened having a second or 6th child who chose abortion because the time wasn’t right or finances were too tight. And my heart breaks hearing this because there are people aching to adopt these babies, no matter race or disability.

My heart breaks when I hear men testifying today about children needing cuddles – while ignoring the brutality of the abortion procedure, boiling babies alive in saline solution or cutting off baby’s legs or arms one at a time while they are in the womb, feeling pain.

I have introduced or cosponsored bills every year I was in the state house to end the genocide of little boys and girls in Colorado and bills to ensure women have access to their own medical information, including the ultrasounds that abortionists use to cut up the baby in the womb. These same abortionists testify they want women to have evidence-based decisions yet won’t allow them to see an ultrasound because they know nearly 80 percent of women will choose life when they see it.

If right to abortion, killing babies is a human right, then there are no human rights. No one has rights if the government can allow others to choose which humans are alive and where they can be found “alive”.

Representative Luck’s question on location with regards to the right of the individual amplifies the cognitive dissonance of this bill: One child can receive care at 26 weeks and one child cannot at 28 weeks – based on the location of the child.

There are 44 verses about God knitting us together in the womb, knowing us even before we were in the womb. When you peel back the argument on when life begins, there is no bright line that can be supported by science other than life begins at conception. A fertilized egg isn’t potential life, it is precious life, a child with proven and unique characteristics and abilities.

Government only exists to protect the life and rights of its citizens. A government that will not recognize life, cannot secure anyone’s rights. A government that can rule on when life begins, can decide on when your rights begin . . . and end.

In closing, The Declaration of Independence that acknowledges that life is endowed to all persons as an inalienable right. Life is the first reason enumerated for the reason our nation should exist. Our nation will not be a nation that protects liberty and the pursuit of happiness if it cannot recognize the very foundational reason for its existence.

I urge you, members of the committee, protect our very existence as a people and as a nation and vote no on House bill 1279.”