Lori Saine Releases New Ad Vowing to Defund Joe Biden’s Anti-American Policies

Weld County, CO – This week, Lori Saine released her newest ad, Explosive Mix, in which she condemns the Biden Administration’s open borders and anti-police policies and vows to defund the Marxist Biden Agenda that has thrown America into chaos.

This ad, the second released by the Lori Saine for Congress campaign, reinforces the fact that Lori is the conservative choice for Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District, which is why she has been endorsed by conservative leaders like former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congressman Thomas Massie, FreedomWorks, and countless current and former Colorado legislators.

Watch the new advertisement:

Explosive Mix :30

VO: Open Borders.  Defunded and handcuffed police.  And now a new push for gun registration and confiscation.

It’s an explosive mix and Republicans need strong, bold leaders with the guts to stand up to Biden and defund his anti-American policies.

The only one.  Lori Saine.  Tough, courageous and unafraid.  Lori Saine will expose, defeat and defund the Marxist Biden Agenda.

Lori Saine for Congress.  Rolling Back Socialism.  Fighting for Freedom.

LS:  I’m Lori Saine and I approve this ad.