When it comes to fighting for freedom, no one fights harder than Lori Saine. That’s why conservative leaders from Colorado and across America are backing Lori Saine for Congress.

Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo

“Progressives have had their way for decades no matter which party was in charge. Now the left sees that America is waking up to Socialism. But too often Republicans are afraid to reverse what the Democrats did. Not Lori Saine. Lori Saine’s got the record. People can promise they’re strong conservatives, but Lori Saine gets things done and moves the ball for freedom.”

Congressman Thomas Massie

“Lori Saine is the proven Constitutional Conservative we need in Congress. I know Lori will stand with me in the house to restore fiscal sanity and personal liberty. Please join me in supporting Lori Saine for Congress.”


“Lori Saine took bold action against radical environmentalists and guarded the Colorado way of life. Saine is a grassroots conservative who has proven she will fight. If we are serious about reversing the federal government’s dramatic leftward swing towards open borders, socialism, woke politics and anti-American policies, then we must elect strong, no-nonsense conservatives like Lori Saine.”

Republican Liberty Caucus

“The Republican Liberty Caucus proudly endorses Lori Saine for Congress in CO-8. As a state legislator, Lori Saine consistently stood up for individual liberty, smaller government, and free markets. She’ll bring those same principles to Congress, where they are sorely needed.”

House Conservatives PAC

“Lori is dedicated to upholding the Constitution of the United States, including standing for the Second Amendment, fighting for the unborn, and working to lower taxes. For nearly a decade, Lori has served the people of Colorado with honor and integrity. Along the way, she’s earned countless accolades to recognize her tenacity as a fighter for We The People.”

Additional Endorsements:

  • State Rep. Mark Baisley
  • State Rep. Richard Holtorf
  • State Rep. Steve Humphrey
  • State Rep. Patrick Neville
  • State Rep. Kim Ransom
  • State Rep. Shane Sandridge
  • State Rep. Matt Soper
  • Fmr. State Sen. Kevin Lundberg
  • Fmr. State Sen. Vicki Marble
  • Fmr. State Sen. Scott Renfroe
  • Fmr. State Sen. Dave Schulteis
  • Dacono Mayor Pro-Tem Kathryn Wittman
  • Dacono Councilmember Jackie Thomas
  • Platteville Councilman Troy Blum
  • Fmr. Weld Cty. Commissioner Bill Garcia
  • John Lott Jr. (More Guns, Less Crime)
  • Micheal Donnelly (National Homeschool Advocate)