Caucus Information

Caucus Information

Precinct caucuses are meetings of registered electors within a precinct who are members of a particular major political party. The purpose of precinct caucuses is to elect precinct committee persons and delegates to county assemblies. The statutory list of electors from each major party interested in serving as election judges for upcoming elections is also compiled at caucus. Caucuses are held in locations across Colorado and are open to the public.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Resident of the precinct for at least 22 days
  • Registered to vote no later than 22 days before the caucus
  • Affiliated with the Republican Party for at least 22 days before the caucus

Step 1: Find your precinct

Look up your voter information at to obtain your precinct number.

Step 2: Look up your caucus information

Look up your caucus information using the form below, including the dates and locations of your Precinct Caucus and District Assembly. Currently, caucus information is available for residents of Weld County only. Information for Adams County and Larimer County is coming soon.

Weld County

District meeting locations (all district meetings start at 9:00am):

DistrictDistrict CaptainLocation NameAddress
ABrian BrittonBriggsdale School515 Leslie St., Briggsdale, CO
BNate GibsonAult Pierce / Pierce Fire Station601 2nd Street, Pierce, CO
CLori SanderEaton High School Gym501 1st Street, Eaton, CO
DDavid SislowskiPelican Lakes Banquet Room1620 Pelican Lakes Point, Windsor, CO
EJulie James Pioneer Ridge Elementary SchoolJohnstown Community Center, 101 E. Charlotte St., Johnstown, CO
FTodd SargentCoal Ridge Middle School6201 Booth Dr., Firestone, CO
GBeth AhlmanCoal Ridge Middle School6201 Booth Dr., Firestone, CO
HEvelyn HarlanFt. Lupton Middle SchoolAdmin Board Room, 200 S. Fulton, Ft. Lupton, CO
ITerry DeGrootAmerican Legion Post 180595 Railroad Ave., Keenesburg, CO
JFrank StewartPlatteville Elementary School1202 Main St., Platteville, CO
KJerimiah EdwardsEvans Community CollegeRoche Constructors, 361 71st Ave., Greeley, CO
LJoe KoppesNorthridge High School100 71st Ave., Greeley, CO
MJ.D. BroderiusNorthridge High School100 71st Ave., Greeley, CO
NTony GroegerNorthridge High School100 71st Ave., Greeley, CO
OScott RankinNorthridge High School100 71st Ave., Greeley, CO


Adams county precinct caucuses will be held March 1, 2022 at 6:00pm. There will be approximately two caucus locations per house district. Click here to open the location list and find your precinct.

Those wishing to elect Lori will have to run for County Assembly. Adams County Assembly is March 19.  At this assembly, they will elect delegates to Multi-County CD8 Assembly. This is different from Weld County who elects delegates to Multi-County CD8 Assembly at their District Assemblies.